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We are still servicing customers. However, we are accepting all orders by email. No orders can be placed through the website. We are encouraging anyone who would like to purchase from Notorious Fight Gear to contact Alex directly


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Notorious Fight Gear

Notorious Fight Gear was established in 2019 by Alex. Since then the brand has developed into something much larger than just ‘an equipment brand.’ We collaborate and work with gyms, events and athletes in combat sports to develop and grow together. 

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Muay Thai & Boxing gloves

100% Leather

Muay Thai gloves that are made from 100% cowhide. Designed and created with comfort and practicality in mind. 

Extra protection

Extra protection with our Triple layer X-Shock foam and the hook-and-loop velcro, you can train and spar knowing you are very well protected.

£90+ Free Shipping

We know that getting your purchases as quickly and cheaply as possible is of the utmost importance to you. Spend £90 and we will ship your items absolutely free!

Used by the best

The best in the business use Notorious Fight Gear and we continue to push the boundaries and provide fighters with the comfiest and safest equipment on the market.

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What does Notorious Fight Gear do?

We develop professional quality products and don’t charge the world for the pleasure of having a premium experience. From boxing gloves, shin pads, Thai pads and boxings mitts and so much more, Notorious Fight Gear are a forced to be reckoned with! Inspiring the next generation of Muay Thai and Kickboxing (K1) through the development of sponsorship packages for both fighters and events across the UK.

Fighter Sponsorship

Bulk & wholesale

Access a library of fights from many disciplines

From just £6.99/month you can get unlimited access to the massive catalogue of fights, live PPV’s and all the extra content like interviews and our exclusive unfiltered series.

Aiming to create a platform for fight fans to come together and relive their favourite moments and discover new ones too! LeapFrog Fight TV are blazing their way to becoming the biggest fight streaming platform. With a focus not just on the fights but providing a better insight into the life of a fighter with interviews, reaction videos and much more in the making. 

Making combat sports accessible to everyone!

Leapfrog Fight TV is aiming to consolidate the best of UK Muay Thai action and put it in a single place for you to enjoy! The ever-growing library of footage is updated monthly, with clips shared across social to help drive awareness to what is happening. Muay Thai is growing. Domestically there are some fantastic events that we are aiming to have on this platform. 

LeapFrog Fight TV is a subscription streaming platform that delivers content you can study and learn from. Exclusive insight into fighter mindsets during their fights, endless fights for you to watch, exclusive interviews to learn about your favourite fighters. 

Notorious events

Quality when you need it most

When you are providing fighters with equipment to fight in, we know that their safety is of the utmost importance. Our event gloves and equipment that we provide is professional approved. 

The best in the business have loved fighting in our gloves and we love providing a platform not only to provide a quality experience for you and your fighters, but build a platform together that we can all benefit from. 

We believe in a hand-on, practical approach and appreciate the power of hard work. That is why, within the 5 years

Look at the calendar on our events page – this has all the information you need on the shows we’re working with!