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Our team is primed and ready for your enquiries. From gyms and wholesale enquiries to asking about which glove size you’ll need for sparring, we love it when you contact us, even if just to say hello!

Thank you everyone!

We just wanted to this opportunity to thank our partners, the events and fighters we sponsor, the amazing combat sport community and of course our amazing customers that keep Notorious Fight Gear inspired to be industry leading and breaking boundaries, delivering the best experience for everyone who we work with.

It has been a great 4 years so far and we look forward to pushing forward and helping build platforms within Muay Thai and K1 to better promote fighters and the hard work they all put in. 

Notorious Fight Gear is only just getting started. It is an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a welcoming and respectful sport and we aim to build on that… Provide top quality boxing gloves, shin pads, Thai pads and give fighters a platform to build their own audience and succeed in their fight career.