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Consolidating combat sports and providing a platform for fighters

Leapfrog Fight TV has a library of events and other original content that will keep you entertained for hours. There are live PPV’s, past and present events, interviews, fighter promos and other series that aims to give a deeper insight into the world of combat sports. 

From as little as £6.99/month you open up a whole new world. Welcome, to Leapfrog Fight TV.

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Getting your event filmed with Leapfrog Fight TV not only opens your event up to a global audience, it puts professional quality media producers at your fingertips. Our team of experts will be able to record your event for you, providing you and your supporters with industry leading quality video. We can also make this available to stream on our global platform (this can be live as PPV too!).

We have a massive network of connections that can bring the production of your show to a whole new level. From pyrotechnics, lighting, displays, photographers and of course, videographers. We will interview the fighters on the show and share the content on our social media. It is an entertainment sport and giving your customers and fans the best possible experience is what we do!

Founded in July 2022, LFTV is shaping a whole new experience. We want everyone to have the enjoyment of watching quality fights, whether they’re happening live at the other side of the world or happened three years ago. 

We want the fighters that put their body on the line to reap more rewards from the effort that they put into the gym. We want to see event promoters selling more tickets, PPV’s or merchandise because people are invested.

Leapfrog Fight TV are invested. We are here to show that with collaboration comes success. Get in touch to sign your event up!

Find your favourite event and lose hours watching fights that promise to get your heart racing! You can make one-off purchases for PPV’s or buy past events as a singular right through to access all area monthly pass. LeapFrog Fight TV was designed to help both fans and events each get what they want. Fans: a solid, reliable platform to watch events on. Events: A growing platform that provides a platform for fans to access their events all around the world!