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Great for heavy bags and hitting pads, generally not used for sparring. Ideal for someone with smaller hands.


A great all rounder, Fantastic for someone looking for a glove a little lighter than 14oz


This is the most common all rounder, used in all types of training including sparring and a lighter option to the 16oz


These are used in most gyms for sparring or if your a larger person with big hands. 16's are essential for anyone doing a lot of sparring.


Notorious Leopard Print Blush Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


Available In 10oz & 12oz

Produced using the highest grade pu leather
100% attached thumb
Superior comfort & design
Great for sparring or training sessions
Double Grade strength wrist strap for increased support and protection
Suitable For…
Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, thai boxing, karate, jiu jitsu, muay thai, taekwondo,
wing chun, aikido, hapkido, boxercise, body combat, personal protection, all martial arts.


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Size Guide

Stand Out With Our Superb Leopard Print Gloves

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10oz, 12oz